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Desert Stories

Loosely connected, unrevised thoughts inspired by and embodied in photographs from my latest desert hike!

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New Year, Same Dumb Psychology

I figure it’s appropriate to finish out the year with another barely cohernnt rambling complaint#2016 Why are individuals privileged by mental illness? The mainstream understanding of psychological disorders is the biopsychosocial model; this model sees disorders as originating from a combination of factors: genetics and biology, cognitive patterns, and social milieu. Each of these locates… Continue reading New Year, Same Dumb Psychology

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Fake News & Post-truth

There are two related topicsĀ making the rounds on social media: fake news and ‘post-truth,’ Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. In fake news Clinton supporters have found another scapegoat – in addition to self-hating women, racists, misogynists, white supremacists, stupidity, Islamophobes, etc – for their emotionally devastating loss to orangutan-elect Donald Trump, and the dictionary’s… Continue reading Fake News & Post-truth