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A L I E N S E X 2 . 0

This is an art performance.

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New Year, Same Dumb Psychology

I figure it’s appropriate to finish out the year with another barely cohernnt rambling complaint#2016 Why are individuals privileged by mental illness? The mainstream understanding of psychological disorders is the biopsychosocial model; this model sees disorders as originating from a combination of factors: genetics and biology, cognitive patterns, and social milieu. Each of these locates… Continue reading New Year, Same Dumb Psychology

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Fake News & Post-truth

There are two related topicsĀ making the rounds on social media: fake news and ‘post-truth,’ Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. In fake news Clinton supporters have found another scapegoat – in addition to self-hating women, racists, misogynists, white supremacists, stupidity, Islamophobes, etc – for their emotionally devastating loss to orangutan-elect Donald Trump, and the dictionary’s… Continue reading Fake News & Post-truth

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Gay Marriage is a Great Example of Liberalism at Work

We had a situation where marriage was restricted, in legal definition and benefits, to one man and one woman. This was incredibly unjust as it was government endorsement of one specific form of relationship as “better” than others, and it went so far as to offer financial rewards to people in that form of relationship.… Continue reading Gay Marriage is a Great Example of Liberalism at Work