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Cartesian Dualism

Whining about dumb, annoying people as usual.

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New Year, Same Dumb Psychology

I figure it’s appropriate to finish out the year with another barely cohernnt rambling complaint#2016 Why are individuals privileged by mental illness? The mainstream understanding of psychological disorders is the biopsychosocial model; this model sees disorders as originating from a combination of factors: genetics and biology, cognitive patterns, and social milieu. Each of these locates… Continue reading New Year, Same Dumb Psychology

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Sam Harris. Free Will. Just Kill Me.

(Today I went to a philosophy discussion about free will only to be reminded that Sam Harris exists. This led to my finishing this post that was initially started due to some unfortunate internet browsing.) So rather than investigating the Reddit cult of /r/SamHarris, reading his excellent blog at, or engaging with one of his… Continue reading Sam Harris. Free Will. Just Kill Me.

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Science Does Not Refute Dualism

Courtesy of Steven Novella over at his very good blog: As I have discussed many times before, the totality of neuroscientific evidence strongly supports the conclusion that consciousness is a phenomenon of brain function. Dualist philosophies, those that posit that consciousness is anything other than or in addition to brain function, are simply trumped by… Continue reading Science Does Not Refute Dualism

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Can Naturalism And Evolution Both Be True?

Another way to phrase the question: if the truth of evolution motivates us, quite strongly, to accept the existence of God? This is one of Platinga’s arguments against naturalism and I find it to be pretty interesting, and it is guaranteed to get a person thinking. To give the bare bones summary: We hold most of… Continue reading Can Naturalism And Evolution Both Be True?

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The Combination Problem (?) for Physicalism

I’m intending to turn this into a more formal paper, assuming that the idea does not wither and die during the research process. This is basically a thought dump to get my brain moving and thinking about things in more detail, and if I am lucky I will learn enough to look back on this… Continue reading The Combination Problem (?) for Physicalism