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Yea But What Caused God? Checkmate.

Cosmological arguments reason from some state of affairs to the necessity of an uncaused cause, the attributes of which justify it being labeled as God; however, according to the esteemed intellectual tradition of New Atheism, “the” cosmological argument (having never read a book, New Atheists think there is one cosmological argument) is patently flawed, nothing more than… Continue reading Yea But What Caused God? Checkmate.

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Sam Harris. Free Will. Just Kill Me.

(Today I went to a philosophy discussion about free will only to be reminded that Sam Harris exists. This led to my finishing this post that was initially started due to some unfortunate internet browsing.) So rather than investigating the Reddit cult of /r/SamHarris, reading his excellent blog at, or engaging with one of his… Continue reading Sam Harris. Free Will. Just Kill Me.

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Atheism Has Nothing to do With God’s Existence

Or so seems to be a growing opinion in that internet/New atheist community. I’ve heard this multiple times in the past month compared to maybe twice over the previous 5 years. Here’s one example from a Twitter interaction (yes, I know I’m a troll; we all need our outlets): So this is obviously dumb as… Continue reading Atheism Has Nothing to do With God’s Existence

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Why Agnostic Atheists Believe in God

Here is the proof: (1) If God exists, God exists necessarily. (2) An agnostic atheist does not claim to know that God does not exist. (3) Claiming to not know that God does not exist entails believing that God’s existence is possible. (4) Therefore the agnostic atheist believes that it is possible that God necessarily exists.… Continue reading Why Agnostic Atheists Believe in God

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Plantinga’s Modal Ontological Argument

I got a comment that made me think about this again, so I figured I’d do a pretty brief write-up while I have a second. I do not find ontological arguments to be very compelling, and I believe that’s a common sentiment amongst theists as well; however, I will concede that I am not particularly… Continue reading Plantinga’s Modal Ontological Argument

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The Fine Tuning Argument

The Fine Tuning of the Universe The fine tuning argument is meant to lend inductive support to the existence of God – it is not a standalone argument but rather one to be included in the theist’s toolbox. The argument itself is very straightforward, so I’ll look at the most common complaints and address them… Continue reading The Fine Tuning Argument