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Desert Stories

Loosely connected, unrevised thoughts inspired by and embodied in photographs from my latest desert hike!

Animal Rights & Veganism · philosophy

Derrida and The Animal

When one says, “animals,” one has already started to not understand anything, and has started to enclose the animal into a cage.  That is a snippet from this quite interesting interview with Jacques Derrida, and, although he is a dirty continental, he makes a very valuable point. And does so in a way that is… Continue reading Derrida and The Animal

Animal Rights & Veganism

Can You Rape An Animal?

This is not spacing my paragraphs after the quote correctly. askl;dfja;dsfj I made it “work” by putting dashes between them. Fucking WordPress. Or really I’m just awful at technology. Honestly it’s more likely the latter. OH WELL! How’d my first clickbait title go? I hope the title is not too much in itself, but here… Continue reading Can You Rape An Animal?