Workout Goals By 1st November

November 1st 2017 marks exactly a year from when I started taking working out seriously again. Personal documentation of the numbers I want to hit and believe is achievable if I keep up the current effort. Weights in KG because I’m living in New Zealand; bodyweight in lbs for easier comparison to my starting weight, which I measured while still in the United States using Freedom Units. Not into doing 1rms:

Upper Body / Back

  • Deadlift 200kg for 3+ reps
  • Bench Press 110kg for 8+ reps (assuming shoulder lets me keep doing this exercise)
  • (Seated) Overhead Press 75kg for 6+ reps
  • Incline Bench Press 100kg for 6+
  • Weighted Chin-ups — +40kg for 10+ reps
  • Weighted Dips — +70kg for 10+ reps


I have an arthritic knee and a back issue (which really curiously I can avoid on deadlifts; possible that better bracing would let me back squat, but I just can’t justify it since my legs are growing just fine). These are the only exercises I can do comfortably and regularly, unfortunately.

  • Leg Press 200kg for 10+ reps
  • 160kg on Leg Press Widowmaker sets (20 reps as final exercise; “breathing squats”)
  • Hack Squat 160kg for 10+ reps
  • Hack Squat Widowmaker sets with 130kg
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift 150kg for 7+ reps

Bodyweight Goal: 200 lbs, started Nov 1 2016 at 165 lbs; I have a long lifting history, so this should be achievable with leanness thanks to muscle memory (which is why I’m able to do so much after a year anyways)


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