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Why Agnostic Atheists Believe in God

Here is the proof:

(1) If God exists, God exists necessarily.

(2) An agnostic atheist does not claim to know that God does not exist.

(3) Claiming to not know that God does not exist entails believing that God’s existence is possible.

(4) Therefore the agnostic atheist believes that it is possible that God necessarily exists.

(5) If it is possibly necessarily true God exists, God necessarily exists.

(6) The agnostic atheist believes God exists.

I’m not going to share the issues, maybe it can be a fun puzzle.


One thought on “Why Agnostic Atheists Believe in God

  1. Just a small point. There are I believe about 900 different views of what God represents (eg Google The god who limps). cf God is the creator, God is the Prime mover, God is a human construct, God is Love, God is the Judge, God is the mysterious force(s) behind the universe, God favours the Jews, God wants us to destroy those who are non believers, God is the same as Jesus, God interferes with the laws of nature in response to faith, God does not interfere with the laws of nature, God answers personal prayers, God doesn’t change outcomes in response to prayer, God has favourites but God is kinder to a baby who has been prayed over, God demands belief in the right form of God, God is a Spirit, God is a Trinity, God approves of slavery, God insists that the 613 commandments in the Old Testament be obeyed etc etc etc
    1. Now if it is possible that any or all forms of God exist, what should the true believer believe? And don’t tell me the one described in the Bible, because all of these above mentioned plus some are in the Bible.
    2. If the true believer doesn’t believe in some forms of God is he or she an atheist?

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